Frau in gelb

23. Mai 2015 § 3 Kommentare

Frau in gelb

Frau in gelb / Filzstift und Wachsstift auf Postkarte / (c) belmonte 2006


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§ 3 Antworten auf Frau in gelb

  • mahagaonkarp sagt:

    Reminds me of the main character in Satyajit Ray’s epic movie „Charulata“ (1964). Lovely use of yellow.

    • belmonte sagt:

      That is too much honor for my little drawing, considering that the great Rabindranath Thakur created that character. Why not we watch the movie together and talk it over?

      • mahagaonkarp sagt:

        Sounds like a good idea. The movie is available on YouTube. i am away next week for a conf but am pretty much in town for june first and second weeks. Whenever it suits ya.

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