Thoughts (Werkstatt)

Les Green

Calm before the storm
But no fear
There will be a climax
Hotter, feel the heat
The misery of it all
What is the use
Can it be
Why me?
Desire is strong
Almost too strong
Will we meet again?

There is hope
There is a chance
We will rise again
Our love cannot die
We must have faith
We must believe
Even if we cannot see

There is always a chance
Again, and again
Always and forever
We shall never part
The cheers of the crowd
It is an idea
It is bigger than all of us
It is glorious
It is glories
It is inspiring
I would give my life for it
Maybe I already have
I would do it again
It drives men mad
Till we meet again
Be with me always
I will always be with you
Forever in this world or in what comes next

What we do today will be remembered for all time
The Gods will judge us not on what we say but what we do
We are alive and will continue
As I sleep I will not weep
I will not weep for me
I will not weep you
There will come a time
That we dreamed of when we were young
Even though those dreams were long ago
The theme is always there
If we dare to hope, if we dare to live
The emotions that we feel are very real

I will come for you
In this moment I realize the power that I have inside of me
Make no mistake for I realize the power is with you and me.

But could it just be over, that we be so sad, so bad
It is amazing how I feel
What is so important about all of this
Is it earth shattering, is it a big deal
It is the biggest deal of them all
For what I feel is what I am
And what I am is all there is
It is all I want to be
Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn
You make me smile, you make feel that everything around me is real
Love is epic, my love for you will not be tamed, will not die or go up in flames

As I know that life is hard
But only for those who do not live it everyday
I am now at peace as I have said it loud and said it low
I have said it for everyone to know
I know myself but not what to expect
And if you do not feel the same way
It will not change the way I feel

(c) Les Green 2017

Der Text ist während eines KAMINA-Workshops „Schreiben zu epischer Musik“ entstanden, den belmonte am 15. Dezember 2017 im Marstall-Lesecafé in Heidelberg geleitet hat.